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Course Title: Building High Performance Teams
  This practical course focuses on the essential elements, stages, types, paradigms, and characteristics for effective teams. This action learning approach to team development begins with the basic ingredients of group dynamics and builds into learning exercises of team problem solving and decision making. Particular emphasis is on consensus seeking principles and practice exercises.
  Participants will be able to apply group problem solving behaviors and how to seek consensus in teams. Participants will be able to communicate interpersonally and reach group decisions using facilitation techniques and following several team building stages and problem solving steps.
Outline of Major Topics
  • Team Development Process
  • Skills & Characteristics of Effective Teams
  • Overcoming Barriers to Team Development
  • Paradigm Shift for High Performance Teams
  • Group Dynamics & Roles People Play
  • Team Problem Solving Process
  • Personal Styles & Decision Making
  • Brainstorming & Generating Ideas
  • Cause & Effect Analysis
  • Consensus Seeking Strategies & Exercises
  • Creativity & Innovation
Time Frame
  Three to Five Full Days
  Work Teams, Cells, Cross Functional Teams, Task Force Committees