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Course Title
  Executive Management & Leadership Skills
  Comprehensive course on process of management skills. Emphasis on leadership styles, exercises on practical functions, roles, and responsibilities of managers. How to build relationships, communicate, motivate, and manage performance in order to achieve desired results. Learn to improve productivity develop human potential, and provide feedback, support, and reinforcement.
  Participants will be able to identify their own leadership style and apply appropriate behavioral responses to enhance commitment and cooperation from others. Participants will be able to choose improved communication patterns to build relationships and greater employee understanding. They will also learn to select management techniques that increase performance outcomes.
Outline of Major Topics
  • Introduction To Management & Leadership
  • Understanding & Motivating Employees
  • Interpersonal Communication Skills
  • Coaching For Improved Performance & Discipline Process
  • Appraising Performance & Positive Reinforcement
  • Goal Setting & Goal Achievement
  • Management of Time & Delegation Principles
  • Building Effective Teamwork & Group Dynamics
  • Employee Problem Solving & Critical Thinking Skills
  • Managing Stress & The Change Process
Time Frame
  Three to Five Full Days
  New Managers and Long time Supervisors needing updating and refresher training.